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Tony Lava, aka the Trickster,  asked how long he's been playing will often be heard to answer, "Oh, 'bout fifteen minutes ! Humble, especially when it comes to his abilities, it was reported recently that a bass player for a group Tony gigged with as a hired gun complimented him saying that  he was the best guitar player the bassist ever played with. Quick on the draw replied "I'm sincerely very sorry for you" ! The Trickster
loves 70's classic rock that he grew up listening to and performing and his love of the blues is evident in both his guitar slinging and his singing styles. He has adopted many influences from the likes of guitar phenom Michael Harrington, Ritchie Blackmore, Roy Buchanon, and Danny Gatton.
Peggy Foster, Thumper and bassist extraordinaire, has been known to effortlessly wail and melt people's faces then shrug it off like it's nothing and walk off stage. She has an impressive history during her musical career as a once member of the all girl group The Runaways along side Joan Jett and Lita Ford. Peggy has recorded bass on Steve Vai's first two albums because "She could play any time signature Steve threw at her." Bringing the heartbeat to the band Peggy always shines on in crazy diamond style.
Jose "Sticks" Perez, the little Latin percussion lover is a true juggernaut who rolls down the track like a steam locomotive without any brakes when he's behind the kit. Hard to stop once he gets going, Jose lives up to his reputation by bringing the thunder like no other. Jazz phenom discovered at the age of 14, he turns his love of music and talents to the classic hits of the 70's and makes no apologies, no, none. Watch him like a hawk, he's very quick and sly.
David Brown, man about town, on the keys is the band's Mr. High Profile. Also an Army band member, he has been known to perform on the local, national, and international stages. David has played at the White House on occasions but that doesn't deter him from throwing down the gauntlet and ripping some classic rock leads and trading licks with the best of them. Also not to be out done by Tony, Dave has been known to play the keys "behind his head" as well. Killer talent creamy voice, showman.
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